Is It Possible To Love Everyone?

Is It Possible To Love Everyone?Two questions I received on loving others

Question: We have to love everyone who was created by the Creator. But what about the people who hurt us, leaving us with severe scars? Maybe it’s possible to learn to forgive and to yield, but it is very difficult to love them the way you love others or yourself. My question is: Is it enough to love such people less or just to forgive them? Is it necessary to love everyone equally? And is it even possible to attain this level? I’d like to attain it.

My Answer: It’s written: A hero is someone who loves everyone. A hero amongst heroes is someone who has turned his enemies into his beloved. And in spirituality, it’s someone who has transformed his egoism to the service of others.

Question: There are seven billion cogwheels spinning around in the world, who are all interconnected and interdependent. I have this picture in my mind day and night. Sometimes I experience flashes of epiphany, when for a moment everything becomes crystal clear, but then it disappears and I could do nothing to bring it back. Everything becomes confusing again, and I start to feel so helpless – after all, I’m a cogwheel, and I’m being spun in a completely different direction by billions of other cogwheels – and in addition, they laugh at Kabbalah. And then I watch your broadcasts and hear the wonderful news from Sochi and Moscow… How can I disengage myself from the people who are very close to me (even my relatives and children), and be close to those who are physically far, but are very dear to me?

Answer: You should look at this world through the Upper World, love people with their involuntary lack of correction, patiently strive to help them with our knowledge about the world, and understand that your intolerance of them is a result of your lack of correction!

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