Advice for Beginners – Disseminate!

Advice for Beginners - Disseminate!Two questions I received on how to integrate Kabbalah into one’s life

Question: For a long time now I’ve been searching for something even without knowing what I was looking for. I felt that I needed something, but didn’t know what it was. And then one day I met a person and told him about myself; he smiled and without saying a word gave me the link to your website. He said, “Watch and listen, and there you will find all the answers.”

And that’s what really happened: I started watching your lesson on January 27, 2008, and suddenly I saw what I saw 20 years ago – the Light descending from above. Does this mean that my point in the heart awakened? A revolution was happening inside me. Since then I’ve listened to 10 lessons, and I understand that it’s not a lot, but there are huge changes happening inside me. My world is losing its value for me yet I still haven’t found another one. Is it normal to feel this way?

My Answer: All your notions are correct. You should only continue to study systematically, and don’t be afraid of the ups and downs – they are necessary. Try to find some kind of dissemination work to do, this will make you obligated and attached, and give you motivation to develop. The participation in the common work will increase your attainment, give you support, and enable you to correctly assess the value of this world.

Question: The Creator is always accompanying us. But He confuses us as we advance, in order for us to cling to Him more and continue strengthening our faith above reason. It looks like this “degree of self-annulment” helps pull one’s perception out from corporeality and into spirituality. Also it seems that at the same time there could be absolutely paradoxical situations and events happening, which require us to behave in a way that’s incompatible with the accepted social norms.

My Answer: When you interact with the people around you in this world, you should act the same as everyone else. No one should see anything unusual about you. You have to be in contact with the external world in order to stay balanced inside – and the best contact is through dissemination. However, you shouldn’t disseminate among the people you know, since by doing so you’ll greatly limit yourself in regular life. But dissemination is necessary, and you should do it among strangers. When you do something for others, you balance your knowledge and your states with the common system of souls – and this moves and accelerates your spiritual growth.

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