Does G-d Play Dice with the Universe?

Does G-d Play Dice With the Universe?A question I received: There is a long standing dispute in physics between Einstein and the quantum physicists: Is everything in nature predetermined (determinism) or not (indeterminism)? On one hand, the person performing the experiment affects its outcome; on the other hand, everything in nature is predetermined, as Einstein saw it in the macrocosm. Einstein used to say that “God doesn’t play dice with the universe,” but his friend, a follower of quantum mechanics, would object: “Don’t tell God what to do.” While Einstein perceived nature as God – a very Kabbalistic approach, quantum mechanics insists that the observed depends on the observer – also a very Kabbalistic approach. Einstein would have never agreed with an assumption that God plays dice with the universe, and he managed to construct the gravitation theory, based on determinism. However, he never did anything similar for the realm of the smallest electrons and protons, for electrical fields. He was looking for a universal, single theory of four forces, but didn’t find it, just like to this day the quantum physicists still haven’t attained this either. My question is: Which side does Kabbalah favor in this debate, or does it say that the path doesn’t matter under the condition that you are guided by the Upper Forces?

My Answer: There are two systems that govern us from above – the general and the particular, HaVaYaH and Elokim, and man must combine them inside him by raising his perception above time, space, and movement. Then the contradictions come together and supplement one another. But until then, it’s impossible to answer the question of whether the Creator can create a rock that He can’t lift. For more detail, see the next post (If I Don’t Do It for Myself, Who will Help Me?).

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