To Not Lose Touch With The Creator

527.03Complete love is love on both sides, whether in Din, or in Hesed and successful ways. He will love the Creator even if He takes His soul away from Him. This love is complete, for it is on both sides, in Hesed and in Din  (The Book of Zohar).

Question: What does it mean “The Creator takes the soul”?

Answer: This means that in all states, from the best to the worst, we should relate with love to the upper force, which contains the entire universe, including all of us with all of our feelings and properties. We must understand that the upper force infinitely, endlessly loves us. And if we feel something bad, it is because we do not understand it and are opposite to it in properties. It wants to give everything, to love, and to fill.

And we want to be independent, not relate to it in any way and think only of ourselves. Everything that happens in a person’s life happens only because it is planned and created by the Creator. Nothing happens by the will of man. And therefore in any state we are in, we should not lose touch with Him and should realize that this comes from absolute love and only for our good. Only in this way can we achieve full contact with Him.

Comment: They say that Kabbalists use bad states for even greater connection with the Creator.

My Response: Yes, it is in difficult conditions that they try to reveal themselves even more to the Creator with the greatest devotion and union with Him.

Question: Does it turn out that it’s like a game where you are given some difficult states?

Answer: The Creator does this on purpose. He creates all kinds of states for us to rise above them and be adhered, tied, and connected to Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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