The Power Of The Common Prayer

239Comment: Victoria writes: “We gathered for prayer, a thousand women from all over the world. We speak different languages, we are of different religions, faiths, and skin colors. But today, everyone had one request. Suddenly I felt, and this has never happened to me before, that we are one woman. I also felt that the Creator is here. Is it possible, or does it just seem to me?”

My Response: This is absolutely so! Not even “it seems” and not “maybe,” but this is how it is!

Any person who will participate in this and especially a thousand women, when they ask the upper force completely unaware of how and what they are turning to but they want to, with their desire, they can open the heavens.

This is what war exists for: to show us what we have to do in order to defeat these terrible conditions that nature gives us.

Question: And this is what women must do, connect as one woman?

Answer: Yes. And men should do the same, connect as one man.

Question: Is it correct that these states come and go? Is this how it should be?

Answer: Of course. They come gradually, in waves, until we accumulate a certain number of requests and appeals, and turn them all to the Creator. Then it will work out.

Question: Victoria also writes: “I felt that the Creator is here.” What is it like when a person feels that the Creator is here? Is this an illusion?

Answer: No, what she felt was correct.

Comment: But a person does not know what the Creator is.

My Response: It does not matter at all. Gradually, one will know. Just like everything else in our world. We do not know and suddenly it begins to appear. Then we begin to get used to it, attract it, bring it closer, and that is it. This is how we begin to get acquainted with this phenomenon.

Question: The true feeling when a person can say that the Creator is here is the feeling of the Creator’s qualities?

Answer: Yes, when He enters a person. There is a certain glow, a field that appears in people. This is the appearance of the Creator to the people.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/10/22

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