The Scroll Of Esther: Purim Here And Now

Dr. Michael LaitmanA follow up to the post “The Scroll Of Esther Is Our Spiritual Heritage

Purim is salvation, but not by the force of arms. What happened in the past is happening now in Israel, Europe, and everywhere. It is revealed in a concealed manner in the form of current figures, which are essentially identical to those in the past. Our force is in our unity. Only unity will save the Jewish nation from its enemies.

We see how Haman raises his head again and sentences us. Mordecai doesn’t have to go to the town square anymore, since now his message is echoed through the media and the Internet. This is a clear sign that the concealed has to be revealed. Life calls us to remember the love that used to connect our hearts.

When we awaken from our indifference and separation and come together as one man we will become a positive role model. This is because humanity today actually needs a method to rise above the conflicts and reach mutual understanding and bestowal. When we become a real, proper, and active role model the whole world will be on our side.
From the Purim Holiday Brochure, 3/1/15

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