The Scroll Of Esther: Collective Punishment

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor hundreds of years we have tried to organize a normal life in the countries in which we lived, but circumstances constantly forced us to return to the realization of unity. The clearest example of this is the story of Purim.

The Jews were scattered throughout the Babylonian empire, and with time they began to forget their mission. They simply wanted to be like all the peoples of Babylon and live like everyone else, but a series of events put them in danger of annihilation.

Everything began with a Jew named Mordechai who lived in the capital city of Shushan. His protege Esther, by concealing her origin, was taken to the palace and became the queen.

There was a time when Mordechai exposed an attempt to assassinate the King, and by this action, he saved the King’s life but didn’t merit an expression of thanks and gratitude. Moreover, instead of Mordechai, the King promoted Haman and raised him to be a minister over all the ministers and instructed all of his subjects to bow down before him.

And that is what everyone did, except for Mordechai. Haman was furious, full of rage, and so decided to annihilate all of the Jews. He informed the king that there was one scattered and separated people in his kingdom who didn’t accept the orders of the king, so they had to be annihilated.
From the brochure about the holiday of Purim, 03/2015

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