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In the News (Motherboard): “It’s a common belief that low-wage workers will be hit the hardest by advanced robots in the workplace. When we take a global perspective on this, the people that will be most affected by widespread automation won’t be workers in North America, according to a new United Nations report—it’ll be people in developing countries.

“Automation stands to reduce opportunities for low-wage workers in North America, the report from the UN Conference on Trade and Development states. But the types of jobs most likely to be eliminated entirely are more prevalent in developing nations. That’s because those same jobs, in sectors like farming and manufacturing, have already mostly dried up in wealthier nations as corporations have moved their operations abroad, in search of higher profits through lower wage costs.

“The developing world stands to lose “about two thirds of all jobs,” according to the report. That’s a staggering figure, and well above most credible estimates for job losses due to automation in the West. …

“While the UN report is talking about the effects of robots in the workplace, what’s really at issue is the profit-seeking behaviour of corporations. And in a globalized economy, shifts in labour power aren’t just felt in wealthy nations, but all over the world. In China, for example, factory owners have already used robots and automation as a tool to do away with rabble-rousing workers.

“The countries with the most robots will likely see the greatest gains in productivity, the report notes—China is currently leading the pack in robot acquisition, the UN says—but there is an upside for countries without enough wealth to bring in enough robot workers to stay competitive… sort of. …

“As it is, though, the UN report paints a pretty bleak vision of the future: fewer jobs here, and way fewer jobs over there. But hey, at least some people will be making money.”

My Comment: Progress cannot be stopped because it is not a human whim but an objective, evolutionary, and natural development of society. Resisting this development is done at one’s  “own peril.” We must understand that robots are replacing people; nature is leading us to nothing other than a reorganization and change in the structure of society.

Machines should serve all people, and people must move to another level of activities—building a new society in the image of nature. For the first time in history, humanity is becoming freed from the need to spend its time and life serving its physical body.

This will be left to the robots. We will be involved with ourselves! We are raising ourselves to a meaningful level of connection, existence, and understanding the meaning of life! This must be a priority. We need to make a social revolution, change the attitude of the person toward his life, rebuild the media (a process that is already happening through a transition from the communications media to Internet sources), but the main thing is the re-education of ourselves!

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  1. How does the replacement of Machines play a role with our relationships with Women and their use of Sexual Tools?

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