The Way Out Of The Vicious Cycle

962.8Question: If public service advertising of anti-egoistic values were carried out from morning to evening, would it affect a person somehow?

Answer: It depends on the advertising. It should be made in such a way that the person sees that it is profitable for him, that it is worth it to be so.

For example, we show that this is the way of life of people in prison, and this is the way of life of sick people, and this is such and such, and at the same time we show the consequences of all bad habits and actions of people at all levels: women, men, adults, even children. In general, this is a preventive parenting program.

Question: In principle, there were societies where excesses were not valued, considered a sin. Is this theoretically possible?

Answer: In my opinion, this is necessary. The only question is who will do it.

Question: There is nothing more important for a person than the opinion of others. Public opinion is formed through the media. But that is in the hands of the rich. How can they advertise anti-consumer values?

Answer: In the post-coronavirus era, this issue is particularly acute.

Comment: In other words, they are trying to bring us back to the consumer society.

My Response: The rich have no other choice. They understand that otherwise they will have nothing left. If people begin to be satisfied with normal needs, then 80% of what humanity produces will be unnecessary, and it will stop producing it.

Naturally, we will save nature, the air will become cleaner, and it will be comfortable for us to live in such an environment: easier, cooler or warmer, etc. And from what exactly will the owners get rich?

Question: This is a vicious cycle. During the first wave of the pandemic, people did not learn anything. Public opinion has not changed. It is in the hands of the media, and the media is in the hands of the rich. And it is not profitable for them to change their current values because they need to continue earning. So what’s the solution? How can a person change society?

Answer: Society needs to work on its mistakes. People need to understand that going back to the past means repeating the same mistakes and inevitably leads to an even bigger crisis. Now that society has suffered such a blow, it must learn something from it.

Question: Do you think that suffering will still make some changes in a person?

Answer: Undoubtedly. They will do it gradually. Even if society does not change itself, at least it will become more receptive to the words of those who propagate the method of changing the world.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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