In The Name Of Saving Lives

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What values should the society instill in a person?

Answer: The society has to lead by example instead of talk because all education is built on leading by example. In the former USSR there was no shortage for nice words; however, the examples were the absolute worst. As a result people laughed at the contrast between the slogans and the reality.

People need examples which can only be provided by mass media such as radio, television, the Internet, and press. People have to hear from all sources that there’s nothing better or more important than unity, collaboration, and common interest; that this is of vital importance and is everyone’s main concern.

And although this process hasn’t yet begun and we are only making the first steps, nevertheless, we are saying it in concord, all together; we are sending out a warning much like against smoking: Hatred and conflict mean death and they must be eradicated. Then within a few years hatred, similar to smoking, will become completely unacceptable and frowned upon in society.

The key is to start the process of global education. People must realize that nature wants us to unite. You don’t demand the impossible from people, you don’t insist on anything: You simply organize for them the proper environment that talks only about this.

In this case no one will be able to openly object to unity, just like today we can’t dispute the ban on smoking in public transport. This is how laws are introduced to society.

It’s important to emphasize the fact that nature demands this from us and this is the course of our development. We aren’t simply saying: “Friends, let’s live in peace!” We are saving peoples lives here on Earth.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/11. The Principles of Global Education

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  1. On one hand, we need to operate on the basis of faith above reason, and on the other hand, we need to let ohr makif influence us. I am having trouble reconciling these two statements. Please advise.

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