The Future Formation Is The Unification of Humankind

 Question: Was making a living in the material world created by the Creator in order to correct the human ego, his evil inclination?

Answer: Of course, material work was created by the Creator and advanced in the evolutionary process of humankind so as to bring us closer to our correction.

However, our correction does not manifest by doing corporeal work. The truth is that in the process of evolution we have gone through various social, political, and governmental formations in order to come to the state that the world is experiencing now for the first time in thousands of years of egoistic development.

But, nowadays, this development is nearing its end. Money will gradually lose its power. Jobs will pay nothing and will disappear on their own. Accordingly, the division of humankind based upon wealth and poverty or strength and weakness will become blurred and lose its boundaries and hierarchies.

All that egoism has created in human society, breaking it down into all kinds of ranks, will blur and lose importance. Therefore, the concept of work, its value, and its necessity, which were built upon egoism, will begin to disappear.

Question: But will the poor and the rich remain?

Answer: No. In the current process of stratification that society is going through, maybe, just a few thousand people will be rich and all the rest will be poor. This means that a small group of people will remain at the top and the rest of the billions of people will be at the bottom. But humanity cannot live like this.

It is not socialism, communism, antagonisms, and everything else that matters. The truth is that nature itself will drive us toward unification. Therefore, humankind has to go through these states of stratification in order to understand that there is no place for them anymore.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, nature will drive us toward the understanding that the next formation will be based on the unification of all people on equal terms because neither money nor ego nor salary can be the standard of success.

The concept of success is taking on a completely different framework. Success no longer flows based on a hierarchical structure from the bottom up, but from the outside to the inside instead. The one who will work more on behalf of unification will begin to extract more energy, a special feeling, harmony, and a resemblance to the upper nature.

These people will become truly great, powerful, and rich. But this will happen only if humanity recognizes that true wealth is the connection between us.

The focus of a person’s attention and work will become unification. This will be the real work.

Question: But will the assessment of whether a person is happy or not remain?

Answer: Definitely! Moreover, the higher and lower ranks will remain. But people will be evaluated according to a new criterion: how much they contribute to unification.

Question: Will they be happier then?

Answer: Not only will they be happier, they will also be more respected and more revered. And there will be a huge competition in this regard.

Question: What about the movie industry and theatre? Will they remain?

Answer: Of course. Everything that has spiritual potential will remain including art, which will express the inner aspirations of a person, more and more. And everything else will exist only to dress and feed our physical bodies and to give ourselves shelter.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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