Who Does Not Work, Eats

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the end humanity will realize its egotism and will want to be rid of it. This realization will come as a result of blows, which today begin to fall upon us from all directions.

Soon it will dawn on humanity why we have so many problems, why each time we come to a crisis, destruction, disappointment, and hit the wall.

Crisis is everywhere: in governments, in families, in absolutely everything. We build and build and see that what we built turns out to be harmful for us. During the last 100 years humanity created so much havoc as never before seen in our history: two world wars, revolutions.

Modern world finds itself in such chaos that it is completely incomprehensible what we are supposed to do. Machines are beginning to replace human labor and people are becoming entirely unnecessary.

Soon there will be no money, no jobs. That is, the lifestyle will completely change, people will no longer need to work. The realization of evil will come as a result of this, and people will have to understand that life has to flow on a completely different level—within the interactions between people, where all are as one.

This is the man’s purpose, the state humanity has to reach. Technology will evolve through the efforts of a few distinct innovators, who will develop high-tech, and all other ordinary people will have nothing to do in this world.

They will start to wonder why they were born. At one time, entire life revolved around work: Person worked in order to eat, and ate in order to work. But if today it is possible to eat without working, what are we supposed to live for then?

This question comes to everyone: What are we living for? What is point of this life? And it does not have an answer, as if there is nothing to live for. This is how the realization of evil occurs.

Question: In what way will the most distant systems will be brought into this process?

Answer: There are no near and distant systems. There is only one system, in which we are all interconnected by thousands of connections in such a way that it is impossible to say where is the head and where is the tail. This is an integral, enclosed, circular system, like a sphere.

This is why any active process is taking place in the entire system. In every place you can find the head of the system, its body, and its end. It is almost like flowing jello: Each is found everywhere and each element contains the whole, only in a smaller proportion.

That is why it is impossible to determine where the head and the tail are in this system. In every place where you find the head, there you will also discover the tail. This is how it happens on the spiritual level.

To the degree to which we unite among ourselves through integrated connections, we will begin to reveal the upper force of nature, the Creator. We ourselves need to become integrated in order to reveal the Creator. The Creator exists everywhere, but we have no ability to sense Him, to reveal Him, and even further from us is the possibility to adhere to Him, to be included in to Him.

For that we need to correct ourselves, and this is possible only in a group, in a ten. As soon as we reach the first connection in a ten, we immediately reveal the Creator. Because we will already have an integral vessel for His revelation, in accordance with the law of the equivalence of form.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/19/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document)

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