Incentives Of The New Society

laitman_229Today when the traditional models of human development only increase social inequality, it’s time to form a new society based on a system of integral education, where people will obtain a new system of priorities.

Question: What do you call this social economic model?

Answer: “United Society.” In this society each one contributes to and cares for the common interests.

Question: What kind of incentive motivates a person?

Answer: Honor and recognition from others.

Today we use these incentives in their egoistic, negative form: man flaunts his superiority, his advantages over others. Successful people are measured according to wealth.

But the new society lives differently, and the spirit in this society forms the correct relation in everyone.

And besides, realizing oneself in such a way, a person feels that he is advancing to the revelation of the Creator, toward a degree of the next world that is revealed here and now in this life.

Of course we can’t get along without the system of integral education, say an hour and a half of study in the morning and evening. This is not just a class, it’s a change of life values and priorities, a reorientation, a new direction, and a new criteria. Now people are not valued by their dollars, not by their bank accounts, but according to their investment in society.

Where do you take strength for socially useful actions? From the connection with the next degree of development: A person that invests efforts for the benefit of society, progresses and comes closer to the upper force until he reveals it.

In other words, here and now he begins to feel that he is in upper reality. It’s endless, exists above time, and man does not need to wait for death in order to reach paradise (or hell) that someone promises him. It fills him and compensates him beyond all the efforts that he invested.

Such a feeling appears in man during the revelation of the upper force, at the time of attaining the upper reality that is above the borders of this world and our current life. Man reveals the system that manages us and identifies with it. He lives in another degree, above the beastly existence of his body.

And for this compensation he is willing to work day and night.

Before he was boasting about earning more than his neighbor, and now about helping society, a society that receives and values his investment.

And man receives strength by coming closer to the Creator and revealing Him.

Without this developing cause, we will not be able to build a new society.

Question: What is this upper force, the Creator?

Answer: It is a force that acts in all of reality and manages our lives, including now.

It is concealed from us, but if man acts for the benefit of society, then he reveals it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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