For This It Is Possible To Give Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Ten years ago each person had his own ideal of some kind, and it was possible for all kinds of collectives (communities) to work in a beneficial way. Whereas today all the ideals that gave them energy have suddenly disappeared. Can it be said that some kind of new single ideal will appear in their place?

Answer: Yes, it is kind of an ideal that through an agreement between us with the right communication between each other, we will begin to fill ourselves with a feeling of a higher existence, much higher than anyone would feel alone. And people will be ready to give everything for this! Otherwise what kind of a life would this be? It would be frightening to look down. A desire will exist all the time to float in the air.

Within our unity we need to find a common collective power that gives us vitality, unites, supports, and nourishes us mutually, a power that exists not in each of us, but is created between us only through integrating correctly through the right mutual cooperation.

Question: If a stranger were to arrive in a collective like this and were successfully integrated into it and reached a common goal, what would he feel?

Answer: The person would reach the level of a completely different life. Suddenly he would understand that in this life it is possible to have such sensations, such stimuli, that don’t exist anywhere: not at home, not in the family, not on the street, and not in big stores anywhere. It is impossible to see this on television, it cannot be found on the Internet, so we become depressed, we are found in a “burned out” state.

Whereas here a person suddenly begins to understand that he has “entered and penetrated” into some kind of other world! Not just that he is full of happiness but also “inner light,” completely disconnected from any physical phenomena.

He is ready to work for nothing, as they say, for the sake of an idea, only to feel the embodiment of light giving him life.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/20/13

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