A “Reset” Of Desires On The Level Of Developed Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Statistics show that good relationships at work increase the loyalty of the employees to their company and even prevent the risk of a premature death. However, colleagues continue to fight, be mad at one another, stand their ground, and fight for their interests. Why is it impossible to neutralize these conflicts?

Answer: Everything the modern world has tried over the last 20-30 years is somehow attempts to connect all into a single whole, to give people a feeling of softness, harmony, cooperation, to bring a team to a certain common ground, common plans and solutions, to ignite a spark in their work. But all has been to no avail.

Before, when a manager would “throw” an idea, people would become excited and follow him, but now nobody wants anything, even for money.

People come to work like “zombies” only because they have to make a living so as to not become tomorrow’s homeless. They are not able to communicate with each other. Half asleep, they spend their time at work and leave at the end of the day.

People have lost the taste for work; they have no purpose. There is no one and nothing to ignite; there are no longer social groups producing new great ideas like before when egoism was still in the process of development.

But now is the time of advanced stage of egoism, which is becoming integral. And this is why we are losing the goals, fulfillment, and interests that we once held. There is none of that today.

This is why it is very difficult for bosses and the managers to keep their employees interested. They are not able to do it because they have to force themselves to work. And this continues to drop and regress from day to day, from year to year.

A person has no motivation to do anything: For what?—I force myself to work. Of course I would be glad to keep receiving my pathetic “pennies,” and nothing else concerns me. I do not care about production, the team, work itself, rank, or inner calling. People have lost any motivation to work; they do not even care about the monetary reward.

It is just that our desires, which are our very inner material, are going through a very serious “reset.” They are changing from personal to collective. But we do not know how to fulfill collective desires.

Moreover, we do not perceive that these desires are collective, but we keep feeling an ever-increasing dependence on one another, and we try to escape it, each to his own niche. A person approaches me, and I am already ready to burn him with my eyes. In advance, I’m prepared to push that person away.

This is a universal problem, but it is not our fault. Managers need to understand this, and at the same time fight these problems within themselves.

The only solution is to explain this state to the company’s employees, show them the statistics, and somewhat explain the method of integral upbringing. When we involve people in the workshops, they develop completely new desires: collective and round, not individual and linear, integral instead of discrete. And we get a completely different person.

This person perceives himself and the team as a single whole. He begins to see that when he becomes involved in his team, he begins to breathe, he opens his eyes, he can think clearer, he begins to hear, everything becomes sharper—he awakens. He begins to feel that life has a spark; there is enthusiasm.

Once we explain that uniting with others is necessary for revealing a new common, collective desire where one will experience enthusiasm, common life, common fulfillment, then despite one’s dependence on a team, a person will enjoy it because this dependence is round and comprehensive. Everyone needs it because we will feel light and free, life will be a pleasure, and we will soar as if we had wings.

Today, people are ready for anything because this is the biggest problem in the world. Suicide, drugs, depression, divorce, crime, terrorism, and everything else happen because of emptiness; we have nowhere to hide from ourselves. Give people fulfillment and all this will go away.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/8/13

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