Ten Kilograms Of Effort

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Money is associated with various aspects of our lives. These connections are so many that they create a special structure: money and status, money and tradition, money and self-esteem. A person defines himself with the help of money. Will all of this go away someday?

Answer: No, only the form will change. Once a person walked around with sacks full of gold; today we get what we want everywhere by presenting a plastic card. Even though this is not obvious, a person will soon understand that his investment in society gives him the ability to fulfill himself. And it is possible to measure this.

By developing in this direction, a person acquires measuring tools. I invest ten kilograms of effort in society, and in response, I receive the same number kilograms of fulfillment from society. Together with this, a person feels free and isn’t obliged to anyone. According to what he invests in society, he receives in return.

Do you want to be satisfied solely and only on the physical level by filling yourself with what is necessary for existence? Go for it! All the rest of your needs and fulfillment depend on your degree of inclusion in society to the degree that you feel it and to the degree you invest effort.

You are not limited, you don’t expose yourself to danger and you don’t participate in competition with others such that if you take, nothing will be left for others. The more a society becomes cohesive, the more a person receives inner fulfillment.

Question: If, thanks to science, we discover inexhaustible sources of energy and instead of a car, everyone will have their own flying machine, do you think this will be negative?

Answer: I am not against technological advancement and I welcome every modern development in the field of nanotechnology. It will be good if cheap energy is developed and we purify the Earth. But what I am saying is that through the development of his desires and aspirations, a person will begin to feel that worldly things are limited they don’t fulfill him.

Question: How do we evaluate our success? Generally we connect it with some kind of attainment: a person acquires, builds, or conquers something.

Answer: There are many professions and businesses that don’t bring a person money, but self-awareness and self-esteem. And this is more important. For example, the work of doctors is very difficult, yet they don’t receive a high salary. So what keeps them in their profession? It is the respect for the profession and the importance society gives to the profession. And that is how it will be with everyone.

So why not be competitive?  You will be. There will be the same encouragement and respect. They write about me in the newspaper and children treat me with respect. A sense of importance and fulfillment will remain, but it won’t have a physical form.

Question: This means that we are talking about a process of a fundamental change in our perception?

Answer: It won’t be much, because we already live like this today. It is necessary only to change the values. This will happen because it is inevitable, since nature compels us. So it is not worthwhile for us to oppose it; on the contrary, we must help it.
From the program “A New Life” 8/30/12

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