Levers For Controlling The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I direct my dissemination actions towards the spiritual root with maximum intensity? How can I imagine the spiritual processes to which my actions correspond? Where is the world I disseminate to, where am I, and where is the men’s group in this picture?

Answer: You are asking questions that already pertain to the next degree. In other words, you want to feel the actuality of your actions: How exactly do they manifest, where are these levers, threads, instruments which I use to control when editing materials, disseminating, doing something? How exactly am I acting, in what direction is this all going?

In general, for now all this work is for general unity, meaning not for the direct attainment of a higher degree, but for unity on our degree. As soon as our unity becomes somewhat similar to the upper Light, this Light begins to influence it and lifts us accordingly to its level.

This means that everything you do only affects unity. And nothing else! But as soon as it reaches a certain strength, a certain threshold, contact between this unity and the Light immediately begins to appear. Light influences this unity; it begins to manifest in it and feel it. Then our attempt to unite becomes real. And those who join this united desire and complete it begin to perceive whatever is manifesting in this common desire to the extent of their participation.

Assume that a thousand people are participating in the creation of the collective desire, trying to rise above their egoism and create a certain generality of desire through all possible actions. They rise slightly over the breaking of this desire and aspire towards unity. This aspiration and effort attracts the manifestation of Light in this desire.

When their efforts reach a certain strength, the Light manifest in its action above the desire and sets it on a certain level within this desire. It then becomes a common desire, and this upper quality manifests in it.

And when you take part in this common desire by giving it, let us say, ten pounds of your efforts, you perceive that what is happening in it to the extent of these ten pounds. Light and the Creator can manifest in it to the extent of a million pounds, but you will only perceive it to the extent of your participation.

Question: Is it enough to imagine unity?

Answer: Of course it is. But again, unity will depend on the collective efforts, and you will perceive it to the extent of your personal efforts. In other words, you depend on both your own and the collective efforts.

You depend on the latter because the Light will not manifest otherwise. But the intensity of the Light, the degree which will be revealed to you, depends upon your personal efforts. In other words, this common desire can reach the degree of fifty miles, but you will only feel the ascent of five inches.

Question: Can I help the collective efforts by imagining within myself the desire this effort realizes? I do not think I should be coming up to every person to tell them: “Let’s do it!”

Answer: Your desire is your actual participation in this collective effort. Others do not even need to know about you. You could be living somewhere in the North Pole. What does it matter? Even if you are not connected to them in any way, your desire is your actual participation. And if we succeed, everyone will succeed, regardless of their location in the world. After all, all our desires are mutually interconnected, and we are the participants of a single field.
From the 2nd lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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