Wait Until The “Child” Grows

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I enter a group as a new student and begin to criticize it, then I can only discover this later?

Answer: If a new student enters a group, it is necessary to tolerate him until he adapts, acclimates, and understands that the people who are studying here are not dumber than he is, that there exists an entire system that he must understand a little first and become familiar with before engaging in criticism.

You cannot come thinking that you supposedly know and understand everything, and that we must do everything differently. First, one must understand what they are learning here and not t try to change everything immediately according to how you would do it, as a regular egoist behaves. Certainly there are problems with the absorption of new students in a group, but for this we have created an education center and classes for beginners.

Question: If I criticize a friend, it follows that I am detached from the right connection. And conversely, if I admire him, apparently I am approaching the right connection. Is this so?

Answer: That’s right, but this is in relation to a person who is already in the group.

But what if he just joined the group? So what if he criticizes it? He doesn’t understand anything. We must accept this and wait until he will absorb and understand the method; there is nothing else to do.

It is like with a little child,  he is allowed to do everything until he grows up. He can break something, get dirty, or smash something. That is also how it is with beginners in a group; it is necessary to wait until they grow up and understand that there is Jungian psychology and there is the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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