A Group Is A Unique Entity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to relate to people with whom we work and communicate in daily life as we do to Kabbalistic group?

Answer: No way!

A group is a unique organ that is selected and created strictly and carefully under the guidance of an experienced Kabbalist or a few Kabbalists. The group is created over a long period of time, like a high-quality musical instrument.

For example, to create a fine musical instrument, first the materials are prepared: wood, strings, and so forth. Everything goes through drying and processing for many years. After that, separate parts are glued, dried and adjusted. And only after this does the instrument begin to produce sound.

So the group must also be created over much time, adhering to itself, going through drying and adjusting before it begins to play in full harmony. This is not very easy!

For this we must carry out specific actions among ourselves: study together, organize meals, go out to disseminate, travel to conventions, and accept friends among us with the same opinions and views. And only after that will a group emerge out of us, meaning as some kind of perceptive organ with which we feel the upper world and begin to learn together what we are feeling.

This feeling is eternal. The body can die, whereas we remain with the same sensation, the same perception, because it doesn’t belong to an egoistic body.

To understand how much this group is a unique entity that we have created, try to assemble the same gathering from the egoistic people of our world, try to change them to a mutual altruistic connection like this so that they will play the melody of the spiritual world together.

Then you will understand how difficult and complex it is to create the proper Kabbalistic groups! In history isolated groups were known. Today we are trying to do this in various nations in the world.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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