The Weapon Of Mothers

The Weapon of MothersQuestion: There is a war going on in Israel and many mothers are heartbroken, waiting for their sons’ return. A mother is always a mother, no matter what country she lives in. And yet, what is special about Jewish mothers? They are, after all, part of the nation of Israel, with the idea of unity enshrined in their core. What differentiates a Jewish mother from others?

Answer: The area of her responsibility.

Many countries send their soldiers off to war, while mothers’ hearts break with unforgiving sorrow.

However, a Jewish mother has a weapon allowing her to fight for her sons—unity. By inciting the Israeli society to reach unity and cohesion, or at least to set out on this path, she thus actively defends her children. And the more convincingly she brings the message of unity to the nation, the more infallible is the protection she provides for them.

Granted, it has to be real unity—the kind that the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about when it explains that unity comes to fruition by means of the Light that Reforms, or in other words, through a special force of Nature. This is because Nature is, in reality, a unified Force, and we have to awaken it so can transform our hatred into love. It is written that love will cover all sins, meaning all the differences and strife between us. Therefore, rather than the Iron Dome, what we really need is the dome of love spread above us. It, and nothing else, will deflect all of the assaults.

If only Israeli mothers would realize that this is our true weapon, I am certain that this war would be our last.
From KabTV’s “A New Life. The Mothers of Solders” 7/23/14

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