A Shield In The Hands Of Mothers

A Shield In The Hands Of MothersQuestion: If the mothers of soldiers who are at war right now call out for the nation to unite, will this help their sons and the country as a whole?

Answer: Real social unity is not beautiful words or the usual “prescriptions.” The precise instructions on how to achieve it come from the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the authentic, profound wisdom, a true teaching that was hidden for thousands of years in order to come out today and provide us with the method of real unity.

In order to use it, people have to take part in our workshops, where they will learn how to address people’s hearts so they’ll want to unite, so they’ll understand that unity is an imperishable goal which we have to renew at every moment. By doing so, we rise above the forces that separate us and get the opportunity to become one whole.

And most important: The more we strive for this, the more efforts we make to become as one, the more powerful is the effect of the force of Nature.

From below, we provide it with the opportunity to appear between us, to influence and unite us. We let the Light in so it can turn us into a single whole, following the principle, “As one man with one heart.” Then, to the extent we unite, we become a “Light onto the nations”—we liberate this force or Light through us and pass it on to all humanity. And then suddenly, without even knowing why, people begin being amicable toward us. Suddenly, they voice their sympathy, wishing to help us and fulfill our every wish. And our only wish is unity—nothing else. Like the prophet Isaiah wrote, they will lift us up on their shoulders and bring us to Jerusalem.

That is what we have to do. And mothers are a tremendous force in this process. For example, if they were to go out to demonstrations demanding for their sons to come back, no one would be able to resist it.

However, the demand has to be something else—unity. This not only provides a shield for the sons to fight the enemy, but also turns the enemies, those who hate them, into friends.

Thus, we will eliminate the very possibility of war and prevent the very conditions in which a conflict can emerge, which is every mother’s wish. That is exactly what will happen if we unite. This is the only thing that can protect us from war and bring about unity among all the nations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life. The Mothers of Solders” 7/23/14

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