Getting Rid Of Exclusivity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt seems to every person that the Creator gives him preference compared to other people. Everyone has this trait because he senses that he comes from his own unique Upper root. Since a person does not feel this root in others, it seems to him or her that he or she is unique. This is the way the power of the breaking works.

However, there is no bad without good. We only have to use this sensation of our uniqueness correctly. In other words, rather than feeling as a king’s son born in the palace, a person has to reach the degree called “son” (“Ben in Hebrew) through his own efforts. This is big and hard work.

A person has to erase this “exclusivity” from himself which he got in his head. He needs to do away with all his excuses and hopes that he is seemingly entitled to something. He has to understand that “he who did not labor, did not find.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/10, Baal HaSulam, Letter 52, 1928

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  1. You speak of a “Creator” in such a way that it must be interpreted as a “Being”. I think of the “creator” in a pantheistic way. Nature is our creator, Mother Earth” is the creator of all living things. If you say “creator” and mean a being, you bring religion into the picture. I’m happy, living without religion and both cognizant and content with the fact that we are born, live our lives as best we can, making every attempt to create an atmosphere where happiness can exist, after which we die. All religions will have it that there is some kind of “life after death” -a Paradise where the soul is reborn or some form of reincarnation. I’m content that death is a finality, beyond which nothing exists. In time, I will read more of your posts and perhaps learn something from you.

  2. Is “he who did not labor, did not find,” equivalent to: “it is not yours by inheritence”?

  3. erasing exclusivity sounds like communism

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