The Obligation: To Become A Light To The Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that we want to solve some problem. What must we talk about to reach the circular form?

Answer: First of all, it is necessary to discuss what the form of a circle is, which unique advantages are included within our connection in this form, and what we need it for?

When we have some common problem, we come together naturally, like animals that immediately huddle into a flock when danger is identified. Come, let’s talk about this, we can overcome any problem if only we unite. It is possible to correct any situation if we attain a good connection.

Question: Every year some critical situation appears that attracts global attention: military actions or unusual events. Why do these problems never cease?

Answer: The problems continue to appear because we don’t unite according to the order of the day. We must constantly advance by increasing our unity all the time. But we aren’t doing this; we don’t dedicate our attention to it. We don’t hear what the Torah says about the need for loving others as ourselves, love of friends, and the obligation to become a Light to the nations.

This is the entire mission of the people of Israel as a unique part of creation that connects all of reality with the higher force of bestowal and love, with the Upper Light that Reforms. There is this force in nature and if we learn to use it, we gain a lot.

But to use it we need to make a form similar to it, meaning a circular form. If we become like the higher force, it begins to influence us to the degree of this adaptation. It approaches us and solves all of our problems because they arise only because the Light is far from us.

This is like if we are exposed to the light of the sun that illuminates and brings life to everything, or we connect some system to an electrical outlet and the system begins to move, to become alive. Through our connection, we stimulate a higher force field to influence us more strongly, and thanks to this, we are released from all troubles and begin to develop in a pleasant and good way. In this way we improve our situation.

All that is required for this is to organize roundtables and workshops. Thanks to them, we become similar to the good force field and it influences us. Instead of influencing us in the opposite way, as happens in our usual egoistic nature, it begins to influence us positively.

This good influence will change our lives for the better in all realms of life. Try it and see. The wisdom of Kabbalah promises this to you. And all the questions will be solved from our practical connection empirically.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/18/14

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