The Correct Spiritual Path

528.03Comment: You say that on the spiritual path everyone goes through absolutely the same states.

My Response: But in our life everyone also goes through the same path. Nevertheless, different people go through different lives.

Comment: But a person passing through spiritual states can get stuck in them for a long time.

My Response: It depends on their inclusion in the common system. Acceleration can only be due to external forces, by how much one participates in the work of the group and how much one receives energy from one’s friends.

Question: How can a person not get confused since it takes a long time to absorb something?

Answer: This is none of his business. He determines nothing in this. He determines only the influence of the group on himself. If he is included in the group, gets closer to the teacher and to the ten, then by this he advances.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Correct Spiritual Path” 2/17/13

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