Different Structure of the Soul

932Question: Why does each nation have its own musical instrument, and each one works with notes in its own way? Where does it all come from?

Answer: All nations have a different structure of the soul.

There are twelve main types of souls; these are the twelve sons of Jacob or twelve parallel ways of attaining the Creator. There is no single truth.

Truth is your personal phenomenon that comes from your inner structure and the way you attain the source. You attain it in one form, another person attains it in another form, and a third person in a third form. There are only twelve main types, and then they divide more and more and more.

Everyone is special; there is nothing repetitive. But there are these groups, like the perception of colors, the perception of sounds, the perception of forms.

In European civilization, everything is built on coordination and symmetry. The Japanese have the opposite: they always prefer some kind of asymmetry. That is, for them this is the vision of the world that comes from the inner structure of their soul.

Now the world is becoming completely round and mutually inclusive. This will be revealed very strongly in Kabbalah and will become a powerful mutual complementation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How does Music Work?” 2/23/13

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