The Twelve Tribes Of The Common Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Light emanates from the East, for there the sun rises. From there comes the eastern wind, the most harmful of all winds. From the west comes snow, hail, heat, frost, and heavy rains.

The South, a source of blessing of dew and rain. is the source of the blessed dew and rain. From the North is sent “darkness” and malicious forces.

(The Torah, “Bamidbar”)

The location of the banners of the camps of the Jews corresponds to the four sides of the Light.

A unified system called the common soul consists of twelve parts (the twelve tribes) that relate to and are connected with each other in accordance with the four sides of the world that signify the four parts – Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin and Malchut.

And the banners must stand against each other:

Bina – Hochma

Malchut – Zeir Anpin

Each part consists of 3 lines, a total of 12 parts (12 tribes). Their location represents the pairing of the vessel of the common soul.

The Torah specifies which banner they have to be under. The banner symbolizes the private purpose of each camp that has its own characteristics and properties. Therefore, the one common goal is expressed in them in a slightly different focus, from a different angle.

As an example, a human body consists of various organs. Each in their own way senses the body’s movements, supports, etc. In the same way, thanks to the variety of properties and the way they connect among each other, the properties of the general force, the Creator are shown.

The property of bestowal shows up as a result of huge egoistic differences. Bestowal is as absolute like a mother’s love: Do whatever you want; I still love you.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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