Cultural Diversity

627.2Question: The term “multiculturalism” appeared in the late 60s in Canada, and was officially recognized in the 71st year of the last century. It involves the exchange of ideologies, ideas, political views, practices, and cultures. Multiculturalism means integration but without assimilation where everyone maintains their own culture.

Do you consider this to be positive for human development?

Answer: Everything that is done ultimately manifests itself as a movement forward. True, sometimes not in a very good way, but still, this is considered to be a promotion.

Question: Maybe, for the purpose of communication between people, it would be better if there were only one common culture?

Answer: This is impossible. Each nation has its own environment and its own history. By themselves, they are each created differently.

Comment: If at least one country had a single culture, after all, it is very difficult to maintain different cultures from an economic point of view.

My Response: No. We cannot do this. On the contrary, we need to invest in the development of cultures and move forward with all kinds of diversity.

Comment: The basic principles of multiculturalism include, first of all, cultural diversity that enriches the society and makes it viable. Secondly, they include the right to cultural difference and unity in pluralism.

It turns out that people by themselves cannot unite above their differences. Here, we need clear state laws that are backed by rights and, of course, education.

My Response: We see that the state is gradually introducing laws that support multiculturalism.

Comment: The fact is that when this ideology gets intermingled with politics, the politicians begin to manipulate it, which tears the country apart. In homogeneous countries with one culture, life is much easier.

My Response: You cannot do anything. In Scandinavia, for example, there is more or less uniformity. What France was like 40 years ago in comparison to today is day and night.

Question: It is clear that this is a natural process. But where does it lead?

Answer: To the outcome that the entire globe will be mixed and there will be a single culture that will include all possible forms of multicultural communication. And, it will not bother anyone!
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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