Merging Into A Single Culture

600.02Question: Multiculturalism is not about the parallel existence of different identities, but about their interconnection, which implies both mutual penetration and mutual transformation. How is the interaction of cultures expressed if everyone remains in their own culture and does not mix with others?

Answer: No. You can only mix in a mutual, kind complement.

Question: What then can remain unique: language, traditions, some kind of moral norms?

Answer: I do not think that as a result of mutual penetration, something special will remain in each culture and in general the cultures themselves will remain. As a result, they will outgrow themselves and turn into one single culture—human. There will be no division and names according to nations, nationalities, times, parts of the Earth, etc.

Integration means that we will learn how to come to a common denominator. Why should we be so different? Why hold on to something of your own, yours, and mine? Why can’t we just be human?

Comment: This is how nature created us. You say we must follow the laws of nature.

My Response: This is how our egoistic nature created us. Therefore, we are very different and hold on to the differences between ourselves. And if we rise above it, we will become just people. We will be good and pleasant with each other, we will not notice differences between us in any areas. Why is that bad?
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills”16/10/20

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