The Society With No Future

182.02Question: In ancient times, immoral people were kept out of science. Today, there is no connection between the moral principles of a person and his profession at all. Can this situation be improved?

Answer: We need to increase the moral level of a human, otherwise we will be forced to abandon our future because we will destroy ourselves in the end.

There is a convention that bans the production of toxic substances, yet who observes it? We cannot be guided by all kinds of restrictions that we introduce ourselves.

We must raise a person so that he can see that such things in the world work against him. A society that produces poisonous substances ruins itself. A society like this has no future.

Comment: Humility is inherent in people who have advanced in terms of moral self-improvement more than others. They don’t want to lecture other people.

My Response: That’s wrong. This is a reflection of their egoism. They must overcome themselves and publicize their ideas, their foundations, and their philosophy because these are all for the good of society. It does not matter whether a person feels good or bad because of this, whether he feels shy or not. He must do it!
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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