Treating Integral Blindness

Dr. Michael LaitmanAlthough we need to study, change, and correct ourselves, it’s not all to be done yet because it’s as if nature is raising us up to a new level. It wants to take us out of the state of small, foolish, always squabbling animals, destroying our families and relationships, and having entered a dead end after all of the attempts to build a good life for ourselves. It’s because of the complete destruction and downfall of those attempts and the now growing world of disappointment and desperation that we can begin to rise towards the new world. It’s clear to anyone, even psychologically, that if I look at everything through the eyes of love and co-participation with the feeling that the whole world belongs to me, like a doting mother, if I feel that I am inside of every one, then this will give me a completely new view of the world.

From this, it’s clear that the world starts to look completely different to a person. He receives an integral vision, as if he’s looking at the world through new glasses. And now he sees that only one method, one force, a common system functions in the world. He understands that everyone is connected to each other and completes each other. While the whole of nature, the still, vegetative, and the animate world and people are suddenly being revealed to him as one unified system. He reveals all kinds of connections that exist in nature.

Before, with an egoistic view, it seemed to him that everything was separate from each other, and you didn’t have to worry if you spoiled something. Wishing to receive benefit in one place, one was not afraid to cause harm in another. The important thing for him was to make it good wherever he, himself, was.

Now however, through his new integral glasses, he sees that these places are connected to each other and it’s not possible to act at the expense of another place. It’s because of that type of action that we are now in a crisis, since we think that we must arrange a good life only around ourselves, and everything else will wait.

The absence of an integral vision does not let us put anything in order. We don’t know how to approach the financial systems, economics, technology, ecology, family, or the upbringing of children. And all of that is due to this integral blindness. However, by building new integral relationships within the family, we’ll be able to understand through them how to build up the world, since we’ll see how everything is connected to each other and we’ll receive the instruments for the perception of the new world.
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