A City That Is Not Afraid Of Coronavirus

937Comment: In the current atmosphere, considering that the future is unclear, with mass layoffs and no work, an international group of scientists wrote a letter that has already been supported by hundreds of thousands of people.

The scientists called on governments around the world to overturn quarantine restrictions and fight against the coronavirus with a different strategy aimed at developing population immunity.

The scientists write, “People who are in low-risk groups should be allowed to return to normal life immediately. Maintaining lockdowns and restrictions can cause irreparable harm. What is happening now is bullying.”

“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal…
…Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health.”

WHO resists, saying that this is a provocative, immoral letter from scientists. But, in principle, the direction to end all quarantine measures and develop national, population-based immunity is very strong in the world now.

My Response: Is it proven that immunity can be developed?

Comment: Of course there is no proof. They say that the harm is much greater from being imprisoned, meaning from our sitting in an enclosed area.

My Response: Then let’s close some city and see what happens to it.

Question: Will this work or not? Is it possible to develop such immunity?

Answer: How? By just sitting there?

Comment: Those who should get sick will get sick.

My Response: No. The solution is not at the level of the disease, not at the level of the virus. The solution is at the next, higher level. Not at the level of the animalistic body, but at the level of relationships. If the relationships are correct, the virus disappears and does not spread. It just dies, evaporates, if there is a good relationship between people.

Question: You said, “Let’s try and make an experiment with some city.” Will immunity be developed during it or not?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it possible to conduct the experiment you are talking about, that is about such good relations between people that the virus will disappear?

Answer: It depends on the people who live in this city. Whether they want to, whether they understand, whether they are ready, whether they are in some particular, clear connection with each other. Therefore, the most convenient way is to take a more or less homogeneous city.

Comment: And conduct the experiment?

My Response: In my eyes, this is not an experiment. This is the exact proof that this works.

Question: How will you convince them?

Answer: I will explain to them that only a good connection between people can organize us, improve us, help us, and raise us to a new level of existence.

Question: Will this be a kind of preparation? First, we need to surround this city with a network of television and radio, brainwash people that only a good connection will help us. How do you see this?

Answer: Of course, this must be done seriously, so that this is properly promoted and presented to the entire world.

Comment: What if we really dedicate such a space and say, “For these who are ready for this experiment— here are residential buildings, good premises.”

My Response: This is a different thing. There is a certain, different reason here.

Question: What is better? To create a settlement and invite these people who are ready for this difficult experiment where we try to treat each other well.

Answer: However, this experiment should be conducted in Israel. Because this nation is obliged to demonstrate the elimination of such a virus that comes from egoism, from separation, from contradictions with each other. This is especially prominent among the Jewish people.

Question: What if we launch such an idea, that is, let’s create such a city; nowadays it can be done very quickly, and bring the part of Israel that wants to try through good relations to change not only something in themselves but also in the entire world?

Answer: We can try.

Comment: Will they give money for this?

My Response: Certainly. Practically all of humanity would be interested in this.

Question: They only need to prove the axiom you are talking about, that good relationships between people will save the world. Will this small group, which will be able to come to good relationships between them, save the country and the world?

Answer: Yes. We will see with them, to the extent that they treat each other well, that they are healthy.

Only we cannot demonstrate this in a small group because it is not a clear definition and proof. This should be a serious group of thousands of people.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/15/20

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