How Can We Accelerate Spiritual Advancement?

laitman_281_02Question: How is it possible to hasten spiritual advancement?

Answer: Time is a very large and important factor in our progress.

I cannot imagine that it is possible to reduce it very much. You do not know how many spiritual states you pass through every minute of your earthly life in, which you do not even suspect. The counter is spinning and spinning and everything is constantly changing.

Suddenly a person feels that he is beginning to grasp things differently, feeling and understanding something, and so forth. This is a result of the inner changes he is going through.

Therefore, on the one hand, we need to hasten time, but on the other hand, we are living in particular frameworks. If you are in a group in a lesson and are working on yourselves and on the group systematically and mutually, in the framework of our general world group, then only the joint efforts play a role.

In this way you can hasten the time, but in any case, the time factor exists and it is necessary to take it into account and to respect it.
From the talk at a videoconference with the Learning Center students, 5/21/17

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