The Crisis – We’ll Get Used to It and We’ll Even Learn to Like It

We Are In the Center of All the WorldsThe financial crash should not cause a mass depression. It will open up an opportunity to spend more time with our families. Many restaurants will close down and family dinners – along with conversations at the table – will return to daily life. Communication within the family will help alleviate stress.

Besides, a change of work and some physical exercise won’t hurt as well. But most importantly, there will be time to think about the meaning of life, and whether it really lies in the endless chase to “keep up with the Joneses.”

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My Blog In Lithuanian

The blog “Kabbalah, Science, and the Meaning of Life” has just been aired in Lithuanian:

Kabalos mokslas ir gyvenimo prasmė. Michaelio Laitmano dienoraštis


Groups in Lithuania (in Vilnius and Kaunas) have been studying with us for many years and have even held several congresses already. Our Lithuanian friends actively participate in our congresses all over the world. Many books and articles have been published, as well as a large website in Lithuanian. I also congratulate you on publishing a newspaper in Lithuanian!

As svyajkinu visus mus!

The Secret of Good Communication

A question I received: How should we react to people who try to use us?

  • Like parents with children, knowing that they wouldn’t act this way if they were on your level;
  • To understand that children can be sly and lazy;
  • This can help you say “No” firmly, if the situation calls for it;
  • To ask yourself “What is the Creator teaching me here?”
  • To realize that everyone has his or her role in this world.

I use these rules and find them very helpful.

My Answer: If it isn’t someone who must definitely be convinced of the authenticity of Kabbalah (a journalist, for example), then you should simply leave people with a good mood and a positive impression from interacting with you.

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