Every Person Has to Find His Own Teacher

Every Person Has to Find His Own TeacherA question I received: In a previous blog entry someone asked you: “How is it known that there is only one true source of Kabbalah?” You answered: “There can’t be several because the Creator is one.”

I fully agree with you about Berg and his shamanistic business concepts, such as selling spirituality through red strings, cameos and reading spells or blessings. But I still don’t understand why there is only one, unique and single source of Kabbalah! After all, during the times of the Second Temple there were thousands of Kabbalists. Based on the qualities of their souls, each of them taught his students differently about how to attain the Single Creator. The students had a choice.

Moreover, you have said that until the 19th century most rabbis were Baalei Hasaga (they attained spirituality), so people also had a choice.

But now you’re declaring that your path is the only correct one. Can our world really be so scanty on Kabbalists that there’s no one left but you who is

a) A Kabbalist, and

b) A revealed Kabbalist – someone whom you, as a Kabbalist, can genuinely recommend to a potential student who is still at the stage of searching for the right Teacher? And what about the verse, “There are many paths to the Creator”?

My Answer: In the process of studying Kabbalah, one often experiences doubts about the correctness of the path. This happens because the path and the goal are concealed. The path is paved with descents, and times of clarity are rare. Unlike egoistic advancement, on the path of Kabbalah you are going against yourself. This is why the question arises, “Can it be true that the worse things are, the better they are?”

When I asked Rabash about how can I be sure that he is my teacher, he replied, “You have to verify this for yourself!” In fact, even Baal HaSulam wrote in his Letters that he no longer saw any Kabbalists in his generation. I also don’t see any, other than myself and my students.

Every person has to find his own teacher. I don’t have the addresses of “Teachers-Kabbalists,” but you can easily find them through the search engines by searching the keyword “Kabbalah.”

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  1. Yes it seem the path and the goal are concealed..in all levels….corporeal and spiritual.
    I remember twenty years back praying for Clarity of purpose’ on my journey.
    Still looking for clarity… however that is what drives the quest.
    Noted this is an older post, yet is significant in the words of the teacher, -“You are going against yourself” – . yes walking with the Creator in every breath and every heartbeat makes the journey that much more exciting.

    Dr/Rav Michael Laitman is a good man and desires to-do- good for humanity…that in itself is noble, yet this man has acquired much wisdom for such a time as this.
    Let us all try to follow that lead , listen, take it to heart and then do Tikkun Olam -from one to another.

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