A Woman Is A Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: All of us, men and women alike, are looking for ways to ascend to the next degree. How can a woman come to the correct understanding of it? After all, the men unite and discuss these questions in the groups, while a woman doesn’t participate in this process?

Answer: A woman is the vessel that a man needs to fill with his work towards the Creator. What does he fill this vessel with? With the Creator. Here a man acts only as a means. This is what we call a screen and the Reflected Light. This is the men’s work. And the women’s work is an enormous desire for the revelation of the Creator.

So where do you see a small role of a woman if she is actually the very desire without which a man has nothing to do? This is why unmarried men were never accepted into Kabbalah. What’s there for him to do if he doesn’t have a wife? This is called “half a body.” There is such a concept in Kabbalah: An unmarried man is half a body. With only half a body you shouldn’t be coming to study.

This is why we need to understand what the role of a woman is.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3  

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  1. Comment: I am confused by this question and answer. I think the question was in reference to women’s advancement. This has nothing to do with men.

    Question: How can a woman come to the correct understanding of how to advance?

    Comment: I for one feel that we have been left to wander in the dark hoping to stumble upon the correct answers with little guidance.

  2. It is why men usually don’t understand women; we don’t know what a desire is…we have to reveal it! And Even the women have to reveal it first if they want the men to understand them!

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