The Ideal Women’s Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is women’s unity? What is its ideal form?

Answer: The ideal form of women’s unity is that you will feel not yourself but everyone as one unified woman, a single image, a single desire. This desire will be above your body and your individual calculations, above various misunderstandings and mutual rejection.

When for the sake of the goal you are able to rise above yourself and create the image of a unified woman, it will be ideal because it will be based on disregard for egoism.

Begin to rise a bit above your current egoism, above all sorts of minor problems, petty earthly nonsense, and even if it’s not yet an ideal woman, you will get an ideal little girl.

Then, egoism will grow, women’s troublesome problems will emerge, and you will rise above them, becoming aware that all this is given to you on purpose to create the image of a more mature ideal woman. Do not think that it will be easy. The entire work is based on this: to unite above all possible rejections.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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