The Women’s Convention: Waiting For Spiritual Breakthrough

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What role do we play at the women’s convention: Bina or Malchut, preparing a place where the men can bring their unity or requiring from them the “catch” for realization?

Answer: Through your unity at this convention you prepare a very serious desire, which you should then give to the men in the few days left before their convention.

We are waiting three days before the men’s convention, so you could transfer the men your charge, your spirit, so that they come to the congress in a way I have never seen them before.

They should be full of responsibility, intensity, and determination to do everything so that, having taken your desires, your intentions, and your strength, they are able to unite with each other.

A woman pushes a man on explorations and to achievements. Make it so that I feel in the men who come to our convention and who are around the world that they have received this charge from you, and that you push them, lead them forward, and support them; You stand behind them, guide them, and do not let go. They must feel that!

You need to accumulate so much power in yourself that it would make men rise above themselves and connect with your desire, general Hissaron. And then at the men’s convention, not the next one, but at this men’s convention, the unification of the united women’s desire takes place with the help of men’s unity.

Question: How will the men understand and feel this, by our burning eyes …?

Answer: You have to tell them about this, guide them in every way, just as you do at home. Sometimes you can do it even without words, which works even more because a woman’s silence is perceived by men much more effectively. So, try it. Perhaps, a couple words could be enough, but the man should feel that you really expect spiritual breakthrough from him.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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