The Women’s Convention: Rising Above The Imaginary Show

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should be the intention of the women during the convention?

Answer: First of all, during the time of the convention, we will direct our thoughts. For this we must hold the correct preparation workshops and discussions, which are devoted to our connection and unity.

All of the convention is directed towards this, in order to be a general, complete “one,” leaving below all the desires and thoughts, our daily egoistic intentions, everything that concerns this world. Each one needs to take from within her heart her point and connect it with the others. Imagine that in front of you there is a basket or plate, and we throw all of our points in the heart there and connect them. Then within them, in their connection, we will feel the upper world.

This needs to be the intention, to rise above ourselves, to forget everything that is happening at home, all the problems, all the daily circumstances of this world, to understand that it happens in order for us to rise above all of it.

The entire world exists so that we will understand that we need to transfer ourselves to the side of the Creator. Outside of ourselves, we discover the real world. Then it will be clear that this world was made like an intention aimed at me, like a special theatrical performance where I need to be until I understand that all of this is only a show, that it is like a dream from which I need to awaken and begin to develop outside of. There I will find my real self, in a completely different state, in an eternal and complete state. It is to this state that we must enter.

And our world doesn’t get lost; it will always continue with its theatrical show, but I will already understand the reason why each time I am given a new action. And each time I will rise above this action, higher and higher, in a denser and denser manner with the other things, until I finish all the work in this world, until the general unity above it is in complete connection. And that will be our Gmar Tikkun (the final correction)—one, united spiritual woman.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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