The Women’s Convention: A Pleasant Surprise

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The convention took many women by surprise. It turned out to be a sharp transition from the requirement to be together around men, but every woman on her own, to a state of a “unified woman.”

Answer: The world has changed, and now the state is manifested when we have to take a step forward. Circumstances compel this and there is no getting around it.

I never thought that I would have to deal with women’s groups, talk to women about Kabbalah, about correction, upbringing, and everything else. Talking about raising children is all right, but not about creating a unified image of the woman.

But suddenly there is a need to unite women around men to push the men forward. By the way, I already talked about this a few years ago. Then, at the convention, we took a picture, creating a circle in the shape of a heart, men inside, and women surrounding them, as if pressing on them, as if demanding spirituality.

Four years have passed, and much has changed. There is a demand for women’s unity and their spiritual help for men, and it is necessary not just to put pressure on men and ask: “What spiritual earnings have you brought me?” but to participate in this process more actively. It is the requirement of time.

The time has come when the need has emerged that the women not only stand behind the men, with each of them pushing her husband forward, but that they also unite between themselves in one unified women’s image that is ready to be in front of us—the unified men’s image.

This circumstance appeared as the next step so suddenly that it surprised even me. In principle, I am used to all kinds of changes (how many have I passed through!), but these changes were new to me.

That is why we need to understand that we are entering a completely new level, an ascent to spiritual correction. If we work it out and we can do it very quickly, we will receive revelation, the serious spiritual merging with the upper world. We will start to feel a little of how it “breathes” on us, to look forward to it coming closer. I really hope it happens.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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