Conventions: A New Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At what new degree should we aim before the conventions?

Answer: Our goal is to exit from ourselves, above ourselves.

By getting closer together, we begin to feel how much this pushes us away, how we withdraw into ourselves and cannot let ourselves be close to make a step forward. The state of revealed rejection, the inability to come closer is the real egoism.

Egoism is not the feeling that we experience in daily life: at home, at work, in communication with people. That is small animal egoism unrelated to the ego we must correct.

We need to correct precisely that egoism that appears during our attempts to become close to each other. Our job is to act against it.

Moreover, in each successive action, egoism pushes us away more and more, and this certain amount of pressure on it and the rejection lead a person to a state of despair. And if a person does not abandon the attempts to continue to act against it, taking part in all the events, he starts to realize that help can come only from Above, only if a special force comes because he is not able to do this himself.

Of course, it is impossible to say in advance, “I am not able to do anything, let someone help me.” To do this, in fact, you need to reach a state of despair. But this only happens when you have put every effort, filled the so-called measure seah (“seah” is an ancient unit of measure) and still have reached nothing. Suppose, you have filled the entire “bag” or “glass” with your efforts, and then at the very top, at the last step you feel: “That’s all! Only from Above can I get help, only that will help me.” It is the moment when a person has an opportunity to ask, and he gets help.

Can you imagine how much effort we need to make? But if we do this together, in mutual aspiration, everything happens very quickly, and if done separately, then it can take not only years but incarnations.

That is why, using our events to unite, we still need to strive and prepare ourselves to break the shell of egoism, to go beyond it, and to connect with the points in the heart. Then we will achieve the same thing that I hope the men reach at their convention. And then we will be uniting.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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