The Oath Of Allegiance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How in practice can we form a union within the group to stay in the same feeling of belonging to the general unity?

Answer: But we all want to advance! We have reached a new sensation at the convention; it’s not for nothing we prepared so much for it and gathered so many loyal friends. There were almost no people who came by chance and if someone showed up, he disappeared in the general atmosphere.

And now we are all interested in this union to continue what we have achieved. If everyone wants to maintain the same feeling of belonging to one whole in which we aspire to find the mutual property of bestowal, then the upper force is present within. It’s hidden for the time being, but it will be manifested gradually, clearly, and it will shine. It will happen! We are already discovering the area in which it should occur.

A union is different from simple efforts that we commit to each other. Now that I feel I belong to the collective unity, I pledge to keep it, as if swearing allegiance to my people, my homeland. We feel that we belong to our country and this requires us to be loyal. The same thing happens here.

Actually, we have already formed this union, and now we just need to strengthen it, to sign it. The signature means that you cannot retreat from your obligations even for a moment. You promise that regardless of any new situations and disturbances you will keep loyalty to the collective unity. This is called signing a covenant.

You will be thrown from state to state, but you will keep your agreement thanks to the power of the Creator. Although we are not revealing Him yet and that is why we do not feel that everything depends on Him, meanwhile, we should be supported by the fear of losing what we achieved; this is the rope that binds us together. Then, we will be able to get closer to bestowal and will understand that the Creator is the guarantor of our union.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/13, Writings of Rabash

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