Get Down To Pure Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As we progress, we discover tiny, pitiful “selves,” low despicable characters within ourselves. How do we recognize them? And how does the other “self” emerge?

Answer: I discover such a low, unworthy character within only relative to the Creator. As to everything else, my character doesn’t matter.

What do we reveal evil in? Suppose I love to eat. Is it evil, egoism? No, it isn’t! I love to party. Is it good or bad? Is it egoism? No, it isn’t! Egoism surfaces where I must unite with the others in order to reveal the Creator, while I don’t wish to do it. Egoism is the rejection of friends in the group. Therefore, to reveal it is not a simple thing to accomplish; one needs to sweat to come to that.

This is exactly what we stumble on! Whatever gives us pleasure that is not connected to this type of egoism isn’t harmful. But as soon as a problem with egoism, which we need to work on, arises within a group, that’s where it comes to a halt and gets stuck. This is the type of characteristic that must be corrected.

Nothing else needs to be fixed. Keep partying, eating two or three portions during dinner, sleep ten hours a day. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is only your relationship with the friends. Such is the specific and selective way to filter my nature:

  • What connects me with the group needs to be corrected.
  • What lies outside the relationships within a group and between the groups concerns only myself. One person needs to sleep ten hours, another one needs to eat five meals a day, and so on. It doesn’t matter.

So, egoism can be only between the friends. It can show all its faces only there. This is the only thing to pay attention to. The friends, too, can be evaluated only by how they work among us. But until a person develops such an awareness, such understanding, and hears and accepts it, years may pass. He may hear about it, but still doesn’t adjust internally, register it, or perceive this.
From Lesson 2 in Moscow 1/16/10, “A Prayer of Many”

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