A Look At Globalization

Opinion (Vadim Kayuzhny, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Instructor): “The three dimensions of globalization: globalization – a constant historic process, globalization – the universalization of the world, globalization – the destruction of national borders.

“Globalization – an objective typical phenomenon. Current globalization is the universal distribution of cultural, social, economic, financial, political, technological, and informational mechanisms of the western civilization. Global processes take the form of the net of interactions of the entire community of the world.

“Globalization is the process of transition to a new state of the world, when countries consciously make the traditional borders less significant, which implies a greater collective responsibility, including for safety.

“Globalization affects all countries, ignoring their independence, types of political regimes, and their level of economic development.

“Positives of globalization: accelerated implementation and distribution of technical achievements and modern control methods; formation of a single world market space; integration of the market of goods, services, capital, and international trade; leveling of the prices, and ability to provide a higher level of life for the population.

“Negatives of globalization: interdependence of national economies; fear that major gains will go to the more developed countries and transnational corporations, without the consideration of interests of the peripheral countries; loss of sovereignty of the underdeveloped countries; appearance of transnational corporations and semi-criminal web structures on the political arena; imposing of western cultural models on the world community.”

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