Towards The Victory Of Globalization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Stanislav V. Borzykh, Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy at Tomsk State Architectural University, member of the Russian Philosophical Society)Globalization is based on the principles of freedom, openness, availability, changes and equality. This, in turn, implies the existence of a certain universal platform that would satisfy all these conditions. Such a platform, or more precisely – reciprocity, is globalization itself.

“Consequently, globalization is the global process of establishing a regime of reciprocity. Globalization is the platform, on which a new world, unknown to us, will grow in the future. We can only solve one question: What will be the choice of humankind – to engage in an era of globalization or not?”

My Comment: Actually, the question is not whether to engage or not to engage because this development of civilization is programmed by nature. The question isShould we enter this compulsory development voluntarily—by the method of integral education and upbringing, the wisdom of connection, keeping pace with the negative forces of nature that cause this development, and in this case, turning them into a positive—or by being stubborn and allowing the compelling (negative) forces of our development to direct “with the stick towards happiness?”

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