Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From that time when the preparation for the Passover holiday began, a very strong heaviness of heart, an inner struggle was felt. Why is it so difficult for me?

Answer: Difficulties are being added to you, disturbances. You need to overcome them and you cannot. What is the reason for failure?

Question: If I fight in this state, then I feel how I am sinking even further into the dominance of the ego.

Answer: Why do you fight with the external disturbances, like Don Quixote with the windmills? You are not working at all in the place that is necessary. All of your powers must be concentrated only on connection with the friends. If you also have disturbances with this, this is a sign that you are acting alone. But if you are working together with the friends, then between you there must be Arvutwhich makes it possible for you to rise together above your common, general problem.

Now, with the whole group, we are in a unique period before the Passover holiday, the spiritual root of which is the Exodus from Egypt that came down to the physical level and was imprinted here. We also belong to this physical level and already belong to its spiritual root somewhat, because we yearn to leave this egoistic servitude.

We still don’t know exactly if this is the same Pharaoh, if this is the same Egypt, but we have already touched upon it a bit. We already belong to the “next generation” and therefore get the heaviness of heart from Pharaoh, above which we must rise to connection between us. The ascent is called an extra connection.

If we make an effort and converge more and more strongly, then we can reach it. Our next station needs to be the actual embodiment of one man with one heart, and this is already the standing before Mount Sinai. We can make this leap now. Our problem is only that we don’t locate the right place for effort, and we don’t see that it’s found between us.

The place between a friend and myself is our common deficiency, our common yearning for discovery of the Creator. We produce, build, and stabilize the Creator, the power of bestowal and love, within the connection between us, in the connection of our desires and yearnings. The Creator doesn’t exist without us. We need to restore and stabilize the shattered Kli, to want it to be connected.

When we quantitatively and qualitatively complete the full extent of these efforts, suddenly there is a “Poof!” and all the parts are connected in the right way into a complete Kli in which the Creator is discovered. But nothing comes of it until the last moment arrives, when we try to connect it, when everything is arranged in its place, and when, with our desire, we acquire the form of bestowal. Then the Light will be revealed within it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/14, Writings of Rabash

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