Globalization In Family Circumstances

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: Do not be surprised if I mix together the well-being of a particular collective with the well-being of the whole world, because indeed, we have already come to such a degree that the whole world is considered one collective and one society.

Meaning, because each person in the world draws his life’s marrow and his livelihood from all the people in the world, he is coerced to serve and care for the well-being of the whole world.

We don’t feel this to the full extent yet, and that’s simply because egoism conceals the true picture from us. Nevertheless, we have entered a new era even without feeling this transition to our total dependence on the whole world.

Just yesterday we held a “domestic household,” having all the vital necessities in our own countries, whereas today we won’t be able to produce food, nor clothing, nor anything at all separately from the world. Suddenly we will discover that we do not have the necessary food components, machine tools, and so on. A fundamentally new situation has arisen: Now there is not one detail in the world that could be honestly written down as being your own without a thought about others.

Today it is impossible not to be connected with everyone. And that means we have to create the corresponding relation system because the well-being of the individual and the world depend on one another.

Through the prism of egoism it seems to us that we might be able to get rid of half of humanity without much damage. This is possible technologically, and besides, several billion people appear as nothing but a useless burden. However, it is necessary to remember that we do not see the general picture. In reality, we have a “family situation,” similar to how the elderly have already provided for the young generation and are unable to work any longer, while the youth grows up in order to later accept what has been prepared for it.

The same thing is happening with the whole world, although in a different form. Even if a person does not do anything and only lives off of begging, or even if he lives off of some miserable pittance in some remote place in Africa or India, he is still part of the common system and we are yet to discover how important every person in it is. Even the details that seem useless from our point of view are important and necessary for the whole.

The human body also contains many organs and systems whose functions we have not completely deciphered yet. But gradually we will discover that not one detail can be written off as unneeded.

Therefore, we have to use every object according to its vital purpose without destroying anything. Any other approach will turn out to be destructive, especially for the person who will resort to it.
From the lesson on “Peace in the World” on 2/4/11

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