The Wisdom Of Kabbalah—A Preface To The System Of Mutual Bestowal

Laitman_115_05Question: I read the The Study of the Ten Sefirot with you, but I don’t understand anything, although sometimes when I tie the definitions together into images and different connections I get some kind of scheme. Am I doing the right thing?

Answer: Imagine that you are an alien who has arrived from outer space and you are told about the relationships between people: These are hard-wired connections and not up to us who our parents will be, who we will meet, and who controls our fate. We are all closely connected in one system, like nodes in a net.

In this network we treat each other egoistically, and as a result the connection among us is minimal, and we feel it as our life (as this world). Gradually, we give up on our unfulfilled desires and on the idea that they can be filled with quality, quantity, and understanding and that they will enable us to feel anything above our life.

But it all depends on how connected we are and how good our relationships are and on how we mutually fill one another, despite the initial feeling of mutual rejection. We are incorporated in this network of bestowal and mutual love in which our only free choice, our only true action, is to fill each other despite the fact that each of us only wants to fill himself at the expense of others.

All our other actions, when we fill ourselves, are not taken into account as actions. We are punished for them, so that we will understand how hopeless they are. But we are punished subtly, so as not to deprive us of our freewill, so that we will grow wiser and understand the connection among us and will want to fulfill it by ourselves, first out of necessity and then willingly, out of love.

The authentic Kabbalah books tell us about the types of connections among us and about the way we fill each other, which is our participation in this system: how to use it so that each of us will bestow more and will fill others more. Just as there are endless connections and conditions in the relationships among us in this world, so it is in the upper system. But it is perceived in our senses , as an introduction to a new society when you are introduced to its members and their relationships.

I am an egoistic desire, a soul that wants to correct itself and which is asking the higher level, Malchut of Atzilut, for that. Malchut of Atzilut turns to Zeir Anpin with my request, and it turns to Aba and Ima, and thus the whole system is activated and spurs the power of correction, which I need, and brings it down to me. Then as a result of the power that I get, I become righteous and I can bestow actively, which means to participate in the general connection of the “society” of the upper world. I attain the significance and all the actions of this system, its thought, its plan, and its goal and gradually become like it, eternal and infinite.

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