A Family Oasis

Laitman_095Question: You say that members of the family should always make concessions. How can that be implemented?

Answer: You should understand one thing: I cannot give anyone any advice. There is only the correct expression of the condition according to which a family can prosper and that is if the couple constantly makes mutual concessions.

Everyone understands that if this were possible, then everything would be fine. But how can you hold yourself in this current? It is only if we are surrounded by the right environment with the right social attitude constantly supporting one another like the warmth of the family hearth.

If we are constantly supported by positive examples on TV, on the Internet, and in talks with people, then we will also begin to see similar relations between couples on the street and in other public places, and then we will feel the inner need to be equivalent and similar to society.

But if instead we see pictures of rudeness and disrespect, it will lead to nothing good. Sometimes in search for materials that interest me I switch to the Russian channels on TV and watch comedies. I can’t stand them since they are intended to humiliate, insult, and suppress someone and to emphasize the inequality between people and the negative attributes of men and women. This is bad humor that is intended to degrade the family.

I see how thousands of people sit and laugh without understanding the ideas about the family that they absorb through it. A person thinks that he simply is having a good time laughing, but he doesn’t know that subconsciously he receives a very bad lesson about family life. He sees that this is acceptable and that it is possible to behave that way and that everyone acts that way, and he does the same.

After all, we are born empty and like a computer we are constantly filled by all sorts of programs according to which we operate. Therefore, we should think about how we can create the right environment so that people will understand what the correct family life is. Otherwise, the rate of divorce will increase and we see where this is all headed.

Question: Does that mean that we have to create an oasis that will provide us with stability in the flowing current of information that destroys us?

Answer: Of course. After all, there are diet courses and psychology courses and other support courses in which you enter a group and the group guides you to behave in a certain way. You see how others do it and you follow their example.

It is the same here. But I am doubtful if a group will help here since the relations in the family change from one minute to the next, every second, and we are constantly submerged in that. Therefore, we need a wider environment that operates continuously.
From the Talk on the Subject of “Family” 5/28/14

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