The New Class Will Blow Up The World

laitman_926_01In the News (from Expert): At the beginning of the 20th century, it seemed that the working class was becoming the majority and would come to power by a democratic vote. European countries declared themselves social, that is, recognized their obligations to the citizens to protect them from unemployment, sickness, old age.

“However, the economic problems that emerged in the 1970s pushed the Western elite to revise the economic and social policies. Modern neo-liberal capitalism generates a new class of disenfranchised people without any social rights. The welfare state is failing.

“The egoism of the middle class was tempted by the promises of neo-liberals to cut taxes, of the privatization of housing, participation in the privatization of state property. Socialists wanted to become owners. And this utopia was equally unsound as the communist one.

“Globalization has opened up a market economy, China and India with unlimited resource of cheap labor. The economy has become uncontrollable.

“This has given rise to a new class in developed countries – the precariat, which is characterized by lack of job security, pensions, unemployment benefits, health insurance, the restriction of civil, political and economic rights. There are more and more people like that.

“For the time being, their actions often result in riots and pogroms.”

My Comment: The future tends toward revolutions and wars or toward conscious gradual equalization of the population’s well-being and prosperity, which is possible only with the mandatory universal education for all the citizens within the framework of method of integral education.

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