Soros Is Not Our Brother

400Question: The human rights organization Human Rights Watch is supported by the well-known Jewish philanthropist George Soros who appealed to commercial companies and banks demanding they cease any cooperation with the Israeli settlements and occupied territories, including the Jewish quarters in East Jerusalem.

It is hard enough that the EU wants to neutralize us and to realize that we are not liked, and then Soros also comes along.

Answer: It is no secret that Jews are behind anti-Israeli movements, and we cannot ignore that. Jews once again are leading themselves to annihilation and believe that their actions are right.

200 years ago, before the destruction of the Second Temple, we were on a spiritual level and lived in connection between us according to the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Things changed after the destruction of the Second Temple, and we fell from that level to the level of unfounded hatred.

Since then we have been in a state called exile. Exile refers to the fall from the high level we were on to a level of ordinary relations in this world, and here we are the worst. When we are under great pressure, we help one another because the instinct of survival in a pack switches on. But when we don’t feel the threat of a war and one of us climbs to the top, he suffocates the others even more. There is no need for anti-Semites—take a Jew like Soros, for example, who does his job faithfully.

Since the relations between us have been inverted and unfounded hatred replaced love, we don’t treat each other like all other nations treat each other. We don’t love; we reject one another and are ready to give, sell, dispose of, and disconnect from one another. This results from undergoing the destruction,  and it is the state we are in today. It is called the destruction of the Second Temple, our destruction.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about our history and about the love that is gone and the revelation of hatred. So, Soros, the advisors of president Obama, and other Jews in leading positions in Europe and the US call for boycotting Israel and lead the anti-Semitic attacks on our nation.

Therefore, I don’t see them as our brothers. We were brothers before the destruction of the Second Temple, and since then we hate each other until this very day. We must accept that fact, even though we don’t understand it. We are only brothers in times of trouble because we are together under pressure. Only when we begin to connect will we become brothers again, and then will cancel the external hatred aimed at us.

Question: What will push us to connect and unite?

Answer: There are two ways: the immense sufferings that we undergo in order to change our attitude toward one another and thus realize what we must do for ourselves and for the world or through the path that the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about, which is an internal, moral revolution we must undergo in order to unite in a peaceful manner.

We have a method of spiritual connection called the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is the reason that this wisdom is revealed today. We must implement it and disseminate it all over the world, as it is written, “And you shall keep [them] and do [them], for that is your wisdom and your understanding in the eyes of the peoples,” and we mustn’t conceal it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/19/16

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